Don't let working from home be a pain in the neck

 With everyone adapting their daily routines, many of us have has to transition to working from home.  With this comes the challenge of ensuring workstations are appropriate for long work days without having access to expensive adjustable furniture and tools. 


Book a Virtual Ergonomic Assessment

Try a Virtual Ergonomic Assessment

And reduce unnecessary strain

Our physiotherapists have developed a systematic approach to home workstation assessment.  We can identify problem areas to provide you with beneficial solutions and adaptations using common household items or guide you to the most appropriate ergonomic tools that will get your feeling better. 

Here are a few benefits to consider


Improved productivity


Reduced chronic pain


Injury Prevention


Individualized solutions

Don't wait until you're in pain

Have one of our physiotherapists assess and correct your workstation and provide you with solutions for a better arrangement and simple corrective exercises so you can stay productive and injury free. 

Book a Virtual Ergonomic Assessment